St. Catharines is pushing the pause button on infilling

st. catharines infilling stopped

After all my talk about the future of infilling in St. Catharines, it looks like the city is hitting the pause button on new infill developments to review its intensification and infilling policies. On Monday night, St. Catharines City Council passed an interim control bylaw that will temporarily stop intensification with multi-unit developments and any […]

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What’s Going on at Prudhomme’s Landing?

This month has been CRAZY in real estate news! First of all, we’re seeing unprecedented market numbers, then we saw the Lincoln Fabrics building listing, and then, just a few weeks ago the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for for years…Prudhomme’s Landing was SOLD! That’s right, after years of being on the market, the 80-acre […]

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