What’s Going on at Prudhomme’s Landing?

Prudhomme's Landing
This month has been CRAZY in real estate news! First of all, we’re seeing 
unprecedented market numbers, then we saw the Lincoln Fabrics building listing, and then, just a few weeks ago the big announcement we’ve all been waiting for for years…Prudhomme’s Landing was SOLD!

That’s right, after years of being on the market, the 80-acre property was sold mid-June and there is tonnes of potential for an amazing development. Stretching from the Tim Hortons near the QEW’s Victoria Ave. exit to the edge of the Prudhommes Antiques Market (next to the Lake House Restaurant), there’s about one kilometre of shoreline that I’m predicting will become Niagara’s next highly sought-after waterfront community.

What could happen to Prudhomme’s Landing

Purchased by FBH Ontario Inc., we’re bound to see a development that everyone is going to love. There are very few parcels of waterfront property in the entire Greater Golden Horseshoe, and Lincoln was lucky enough to be the town with a bit of waterfront left. This is the opportunity Niagara has been looking for to build a residential development with commercial and recreational add-ons that is going to change the Town of Lincoln…if not the entire region.

And it can and should be something we Niagarans are proud of.

From the sounds of it, the new owner is planning a full community at Prudhomme’s Landing and the Town of Lincoln is also working with a planning consultant to figure out what kinds of opportunities will be involved in the final plan.

Of course, I have some ideas of my own…

Let’s think outside the box here when it comes to waterfront homes. Sure, we’ve got 1 kilometre of beautiful beach, but I would love for at least some of that to be accessible by the public. That said, I understand that it’s also prime real estate for waterfront homes. But who says waterfront has to mean lakefront? Picture it, man-made inlets that not only create more waterfront property but also allow those waterfront homes to have their own private docks for their personal pleasure crafts. Amazing!

And with all that waterfront, what a perfect place to grow with water-based amusement (think Port Colborne’s Boarder Pass Cable Park), lakeside dining and beach shops. Let’s bring that coastal feel back to Niagara North!

I am so excited to see what comes of Prudhomme’s Landing, so I promise I’ll be staying on top of it! Stay tuned for more details as they are announced!