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We believe in doing things a little differently. Karl Vanderkuip’s easy communication style and outgoing vibes make him your real estate agent, and your friend. Raising a growing family of his own in the Niagara Region, he appreciates what you need when selling your home.

After 14 years helping families buy and sell their houses, he is as hungry as ever to chase down every avenue and lead. He has also gathered the wisdom needed to interpret and handle the countless situations a home seller can encounter.

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Top Producers

We understand that every home is unique and has the ability to sell itself. We will showcase your home’s merits and celebrate the Region’s lifestyle with our strategic marketing. This gets buyers to the negotiating table. Our tireless efforts, boundless energy, and incomparable work ethic result in superior (and award-winning) sales performance.

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Karl Vanderkuip at the UPHouse St. Catharines

Strong Negotiators

We are motivated by the art of the deal to get our sellers the absolute best value for their property. Our friendly first impression, astute listening, and genuine compassion support our in-depth preparations when we head into negotiations with buyers. Our strength lies in helping buyers understand the rationale behind your value offering, resulting in you getting top dollar when you sell your home.


While Karl is the man who is making things happen when it comes to selling your home, the truth is – it takes a village. When it comes to marketing your property, we have teamed up with some of the best in Niagara to showcase your home and get it the exposure it deserves. Just to name a few, we have worked with video production company Mitchell Reilly Pictures & Class Act Productions,  graphic design guru Gerardo Lopez from GLO Design Studios,  and inbound marketing agency Hughes & Co.

Marketing Gurus

When you’re selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle. Using high-quality photos, videos, immersive 3D technology, and professional copywriting, we communicate the story of why your home is unique. Then, we target this narrative directly at your ideal buyers with our strategic mix of web, social media and print advertising.

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Strategic wizards

The old standby for realtors who are trying to win listings is comparative market analysis. The agent will try to showcase their value by pulling sales numbers they claim only they have access to. And, they will put together a set of recent home sales to give you context for pricing your home. That’s NOT how we do it! We go above and beyond run-of-the-mill comparative analysis to look at the true value of your home.

With our direct-cost approach, we carefully examine the market increase over the course of the last five years, determining the cost of your home from its original purchase price plus market increase. And if you didn’t update your home in the time you lived there, that might be the end. But we see the value in updates and will add an estimated cost value of those updates as well.

Of course, comparables matter also. We will provide you with street history from the past two years, active homes and recently sold homes. These numbers will help us give you an accurate evaluation of what your home is worth. Our dedication and knack for what we do give you the most in-depth evaluation around.

Toronto Real Estate Board Members

We have been an active Toronto Real Estate Board member since 2014. Why? Because it makes a difference to our listings. With 40% of our web traffic from the Greater Toronto Area, it’s important to understand the needs of the GTA public and their ever-changing market conditions. This allows us to counsel you through all of the important decisions and negotiate for you to maximize your return.

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