Who is This Guy?

We See Things A Little Differently

By changing the expectation of real estate agents in Niagara we hope the industry will follow us as we chart a new course. With clients as the priority, our easy communication style and outgoing vibes make us your REALTORS®, but also your friends. Trust our experience and benefit from our expertise in Niagara real estate, and our meaningful connections in and around the region.

A good real estate agent does more than selling houses; they should provide you with savvy marketing, expert local knowledge, confident negotiating and polished execution. When you hire Karl you receive the professional edge that is setting a new standard in real estate sales and marketing in Niagara. We bring people to a property by celebrating its lifestyle; showcasing its merits not only to sell the home, but also find the perfect owner.

Who Is Karl Vanderkuip?

Karl became a real estate agent in Niagara in 2004 and not once has he questioned what he believes is his calling. Thing is, he was never supposed to be a real estate guy, or at least never thought he was. He was a drifter by nature and whilst exploring Nicaragua he developed mono (yep, the kissing disease) and was Fed-EXed home to sleep for months.

In between naps he found the love of his life and now wife, Pauline. He knew she was out of his league and quickly buckled down to establish an education at Brock University while obtaining his real estate license on the side. A growing passion for architecture, the next great cup of coffee and the drive of a honey badger made it clear that this is where he belonged. This has solidified him as an industry leader.

Ten years later and Karl’s passion is stronger than ever but his game has changed. Now a father of three: Naomi who is 4 going on 14, his son Arie, 2  (aka the Strong Man), and the newest addition baby Maaike have put things in perspective. With a wise old real estate agent once telling Karl “I hope you become a better father than agent,” Karl considers those words on the regular and is sure he won’t forget them (well, pretty sure).

An odd combination of all things history related and keeping up on ‘latest and greatest’ about everything else is what makes Karl tick… the drive to know what is happening can be seen in his eclectic app collection, presence at City Hall, who’s on first, or rumours of the latest addition to the Apple family. Between chasing kids and keeping up on trends and community, he somehow found time to upgrade his industry credentials, and been a broker since 2014. Not that he's one for formality or resting on laurels.

Warm and generous and always quick to a joke, Karl ensures that his clients feel valued and appreciated throughout the buying and selling process. But don’t mistake Karl’s kindness for any brand of weakness… this could not be further from the truth. Think of him as a shark in a dolphin costume when it comes to closing the deal.

The CallKarl Team

Grant Kay

Grant Kay is Jumping Jack Flash! He has more stories than Richard Branson, more moves than Elvis Presley and more experience than Prime Minister Trudeau. Uhh wait a sec...! With over 30 years of real estate experience between Ottawa and Niagara, Grant's wisdom, energy and foresight have you in good hands. A five handicap golfer, musical encyclopedia and inspirational quote guru, Grant will guide you through the sales process and you’re going to be feeling good and laughing all the way to victory.

Sarah Risk

Sarah Risk is as Canadian as Muskoka Chairs and Maple Syrup. Originally from the Haliburton Highlands, she embodies that northern spirit with her clever, fun and off beat personality and her passions are her purpose. Sarah is always UP for some adventure, arts, and culture and her kids are her world.

Sarah makes Karl look good not just behind the scenes, but also when she gets behind the camera, setting Karl’s photography apart from the rest. That’s right, she is a professional photographer and comes from generations of artists in her family. So you know there is always going to a creative outburst in view behind the lens and marketing.

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