Sunset Beach: Where Are We Now and Where Can We Go?

With the depths of winter upon us, I can’t think of better timing for the name Sunset Beach pop UP on my news feed! Ahh…how easy is it to daydream about the warmer months, when Frisbees, [...]

Niagara’s Best Outdoor Spots to eat Granola Bars

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes School’s out! And I bet the kids are already looking at you saying “I’m bored…” As I’m sure you’ve noticed, that while I do love to travel, I also love hitting [...]

Let’s make #SunsetBeachSTC a Reality

I need your help! As many of you are aware, Pauline and I have a bit of a passion project! We want to change the name of Municipal Beach (Boring!) to  Sunset Beach (Beauty!). In case you missed [...]