Why I Do What I Do: The Value of Video

real estate video

When it comes to selling your home, the key is making sure potential buyers get as much information as quickly and easily as possible.

And what’s easier than pressing play?

“Video differentiates your listing. It really helps buyers see the home from a ‘feeling’ perspective instead of the basic wide angle photos and dimensions,” says Nick Mirka of Mitchell Reilly Pictures.

If you want to make your listing stand out online, and with so many people attached to their smartphones, video is the way to go.

The Virtues of Video

With as many as 90% of homebuyers looking online, it has never been more important to highlight your property and show why your home is the right home. You have 2 minutes or less to grab their attention, walk them through your home, and give them a real understanding of the property.

Imagine a 400% increase in inquiries about your property. Even better, what if you were able to increase perceived home value by up to 6%? It would make selling your home a dream come true.

With video, this isn’t a dream — it’s a reality.

An Emotional Connection

“Real estate has been very cut and paste marketing for years,” says Mirka. “Everyone uses paper ads, everyone requires photos and a write up, and don’t even get me started on what passes as a ‘virtual tour.’ The majority of them are slideshows cut to elevator music. “

No one wants to watch a commercial, everyone is looking to be informed and entertained. It’s all about making an emotional connection with the viewer.

So instead of talking about why you think your home is so great, we’ll showcase the aspects related to it that people will connect with — the highlights of the neighbourhood and the lifestyle of the listing.

And we’ll go beyond the standard video slideshow of property photos with boring stock music in the background. No one can get emotional to synthesized tunes. We’ll generate interest with great storytelling, interesting shots and carefully selected music that reflects the feel of the home.

All About Authenticity

Regardless of how you are presenting your home, a buyer wants an authentic experience — they don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to.

A stilted, overly slick or nervous delivery of information is obvious when it’s on film, so it’s important to establish the feel before we hit record. When we present the home for what it is and the lifestyle that comes with it, attracting the right buyer is easy.

“People start searching for a house because they need a roof over their head, they buy a home because of the life they see in it,” says Mirka. “When we capture the essence of a home with video, we keep that in mind. Is this a family home, a warm & cozy home, a home for entertaining? We showcase the lifestyle people would have through the character the home.

“When we shoot with Karl we want to create something memorable for the homeowner that will also help a homebuyer fall in love with it. We want to capture the unique features and feeling that will ultimately sell the home.”

The Stats

  • Real estate listing with video have a 400% increase in inquiry rate
  • Someone who watched a video is 85% more like to make a purchase
  • 46% of people who watch a video ad online take further action
  • The change of a top ten result in Google is 53 times more likely
  • Between April 2015 and November 2015, the amount of average daily video views on Facebook hit 8 billion

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