Matterport 3D: The Reality of Selling Your Home

matterport 3d by callkarl.caI don’t know if you’ve heard, but at the beginning of this year, I announced the newest addition to my toy collection…I mean, to my home selling arsenal — the Matterport 3D Camera.

I’m sure you’ve seen countless takes on the virtual tour when it comes to listings in Niagara, but if you haven’t seen the Matterport in action, you’re missing out. If you ask me, Matterport is revolutionizing the way we sell homes.

Check out this Matterport 3D showcase of St. Catharines’ famous Shipping Container Home:

Pretty cool, right? So, how does this new technology sell your home? I’m glad you asked…

Engage the buyer in their own home

Picture it: the potential buyer steps through your front door into a perfect lit foyer. They stroll through the house, seeing a cozy family room and immediately imagine nights with the kids for family movie night. The kitchen is spotless, they can practically smell dinner in the oven and hear the lively conversation of dinner parties around the table.

All this, and they’ve never left the comfort of their own living room. They’ve been touring your amazing home, creating that emotional connection without actually leaving their own.

And while this is a great way to engage the busy local buyers, think of what it means for buyers coming from out of town. We’re seeing more and more buyers coming to Niagara from Toronto when they see the value of living here versus where they are now. And when they are making the trip down the highway to find their dream home, your home needs to be on their shortlist. This is easy to accomplish when they’ve already virtually walked through the best possible showcase of your home online.

Don’t miss your buyer, and don’t let your buyer miss you

When you’re selling your home, obviously the best road to a successful sale is by showing it to highest number of viewers, but how do you reach the masses? Sure, a “For Sale” sign on your front yard will get some attention. And of course, there are always MLS listings, but it’s time to up the ante.

A Matterport 3D Showcase is not only more attention-grabbing than the average listing, but it will make viewing your home easy and more accessible for everyone. They won’t be judging your home from the curb appeal alone — hundreds of people can walk through from top to bottom and decide if it looks like the right home for their lifestyle. It’s that easy!

Time is money

The longer a house sits on the market often has a direct impact on the sale price, in that it’s less likely you’ll be able to sell for the original list price. Stats have shows that you have the best chance of selling your home at the full list price within the first 10 days and after 30 days, your price could drop as much as 5 percent. And longer than that, you’re looking a drop of 10-15 percent.

That said, homes with Matterport 3D Virtual Tours sell faster, mostly for the reasons I’ve already talked about above. Between getting more eyes on your home, having the ability to create an emotional connection before they physically step through the door and reaching a wider audience from near and far, your chances of finding a buyer in that deeper pool is far greater.

It can be a struggle to set a listing apart from others, especially with the number of homes popping up for sale in Niagara every day. But showing off what you have to offer in a new, state-of-the-art way is a surefire way to hit the ground running when you decide to sell your home, which means selling faster and for top dollar!