The Passion of Port Dalhousie: An Update

Back in June, I told you about the amazing things The Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee has been doing for one of St. Catharines best known and most loved communities. They worked tirelessly all summer long and I am just in awe of their hard work, dedication, and passion. There’s no doubt in my mind that they will be able to make Port Dalhousie the gem it once was.

Let’s take a look at some of their achievements so far and what’s to come:

The World Renowned Henley Regatta Grandstand

Grandstand nowIf you remember, the last time I wrote about The Craig Swayze Memorial Grandstand, it was in a pretty sad and drab state.But the BWC had big plans to beautify the entrance and had already put in the work to get plans, pricing and sourcing underway.

You saw the rendering:

proposed grandstand

And, after getting approval, these plans are a reality:


Quite a difference compared to what it once was!

And the stories to go with it are fun to tell too! First, there’s the sidewalk post and bollards supporting the rope, which come from a laker that was destroyed in Niagara’s “other Port,” Port Colborne.

That sidewalk post not only looks great, but it has an important job: to protect the shell that arches over the entrance. It is now a single, but originally a nice double was installed. But 4 days after installation, a delivery truck backed into it and smashed it to pieces. That sidewalk post will make sure that never happens again! Check out Doug Herod’s column to read more about what happened!

And they aren’t done yet! wrought iron fencing is coming soon and the building is yet to be sided in stone all the way around.

The Pumphouse and Waterfalls


The BWC also made huge strides at the waterfalls behind Lincoln Fabrics. It started with the removal of the chain link fence and the installation of wrought iron fencing in its place. It makes quite a statement when you come into Port Dalhousie from Lakeport Road! And then the pumphouse! Wow! What a difference a bit of paint can make! Add the amazing effort by a group of volunteers to pull weeds and shovel wood chips and this pathway is the perfect entrance into Port Dalhousie.

How you can help

The BWC is always looking for volunteers to help with their initiatives. Like their Facebook page to see what they are up to!

They are also holding their FIRST Port Dalhousie Beautification Fundraiser and tickets are on sale now. Check out the food stations, live music, door prizes, and silent auction on Saturday, November 21 at the Port Dalhousie Legion. Tickets are only $10 and every dollar raised will go towards beautification projects like the flower boxes that brightened the railings this year. Email to buy tickets!

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