Let’s Save Lock One in Old Port Dalhousie!


Last year, I introduced you to the Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee (BWC) and all the work they’ve been doing to revitalize our lakefront community.

Well, they’ve kept their eyes on the prize, and it feels like Port Dalhousie is getting better every day. Now, they have teamed up with the Kiwanis Club of St. Catharines, with the support of the Port Dalhousie Business Association, to revitalize the much neglected Lock One of the Second Welland Canal, located at the corner of Lakeport Road and Lock Street.

About their Project

The Welland Canal has been an essential part of St. Catharines’ history, and I truly believe it deserves to be recognized. And with Port Dalhousie undergoing a major resurgence, Lock One of the Second Welland Canal needs an update that celebrates this important part of St. Catharines’, and Canada’s, maritime heritage.

The BWC proposes to revitalize Lock One to allow for the public to access and interact with it by building a tiered seating area. The historic canal’s use of tow horses to haul ships through will be commemorated with bronze statues and the long history of the canal will be told through interpretive signage.

After years of neglect, the area requires structural analysis and a significant amount of construction and landscaping to achieve the BWC’s final goal. And so, they are reaching out to the community at large for donations to help kickstart the project and make Lock One a mainstay in the story of St. Catharines.

Check out www.savelockone.ca to learn more and support this worthy cause!