Let’s make #SunsetBeachSTC a Reality

I need your help!

SunsetBeachSTCAs many of you are aware, Pauline and I have a bit of a passion project! We want to change the name of Municipal Beach (Boring!) to  Sunset Beach (Beauty!).

In case you missed it, or need a recap, here is the letter we sent to Mayor Walter Sendzik and City Council in April.

And it seemed to strike a chord with Council, as you can see here! Even Doug Herod voiced his opinion!

Now, we’re seeing the #SunsetBeachSTC movement inspiring letters to the editor and social media engagement. With photos of sand castles and sunsets making their rounds, this is something that has people talking! Click here and here to see some feedback via Letters to the Editor in the St. Catharines Standard.

And here is what we had to say:

Re: Consider other names for Municipal Beach (May 7, 2015)

We are really excited to see that our proposal to rename Municipal Beach has been “making waves.” It’s great to see our community coming together to talk about gems like this and to find a way to make them even better.

First, we’d like to share why we think Sunset Beach is the perfect name for this spot. The sunsets here are really special, in fact, they’re the best on all of Lake Ontario — especially with Port’s Lighthouse and the Golden Horseshoe on the horizon. On a summer evening, legions of North Enders walk down to soak it all in. You don’t have to go on vacation for beachside sunsets, we have spectacular sunsets in our own backyard.

As for considering the heritage of our great region, we are all about celebrating our past and learning about our rich history is one of our favourite pastimes. But, we just don’t think this is a place that needs to reflect that history. Let’s focus on why this beach is so beautiful.

And yes, there are Sunset Beaches all over the world, but It’s because it is such an UPlifting and inspiring name – a beautiful name for a beautiful moment.  It’s an opportunity to reflect or a place for loved ones to go and steal a moment together. Sunsets melt our hearts, sooth our souls and let everyone know how special life is or how short life can be. Not only is it a great name, it’s in its DNA. We would take our sunset over any other Sunset Beach in Florida, Cuba or Mexico.

So many people are already using the moniker Sunset Beach, let’s make it official!

Viva la #SunsetBeachSTC!  

Karl & Pauline Vanderkuip, St. Catharines

Now, the city is asking for input on the name change and I need your help!

Let’s turn the page on Municipal Beach to an exciting new era of #SunsetBeachSTC, shedding the old attitudes towards Municipal to a positive narrative, a positive attitude and a positive experience at one of the best kept secrets we have here in Niagara.

Please email Kristen Sullivan and tell her to send the Mayor and City Council one simple message: I want Sunset Beach in my St. Catharines.

To make things easy, just copy and paste the message below and email ksullivan@stcatharines.ca

Dear Kristen,

I enthusiastically encourage The City of St. Catharines and City Council to change the name of Municipal Beach to Sunset Beach!  It is positive, it’s uplifting and a beautiful name for a beautiful place. Let’s help the community fall in love with this stretch of beach all over again with a name that fits it to a tee. Sunset Beach is already a name that so many use, so lets make it official!

Yours Truly,

Your name here

Arie_in_the_air_at_SunsetThanks for your time and support! Let’s make #SunsetBeachSTC a reality!


Final Signature

Karl Vanderkuip

PS: I would love to see your photos and hear about your memories at #SunsetBeachSTC! Send them my way via email or share them on my Facebook Page.