Helping You Sell a Home

Karl believes in doing things a little differently, and his way of helping you sell a house is a lot like his way of helping you buy one. Karl’s easy communication style and outgoing vibes make him your real estate agent, and your friend. Raising a growing family of his own, he appreciates more than ever what you are looking to achieve for yours. Despite 10 years of helping families buy and sell homes already under his belt, he still feels, in many ways, like he is just getting started. He’s as hungry as ever to chase down every avenue or lead, but has gathered the wisdom needed to interpret and handle the countless situations a home seller can encounter.

Don’t Just List Your Home: Market It

Karl looks at selling your home the same way a marketing agency looks at promoting a product. Each home is unique and selling it is about creating the right message to connect with the right buyer. Karl spotlights your property by celebrating its lifestyle and showcasing its merits, ensuring people come to the table. Karl works hard for his clients and has been consistently recognized for superior sales performance (Check out some of his accomplishments).

Getting the Right Price for Your House

Karl’s a closer: He’s not just doing his job, he’s a real appreciator and practitioner of the Art of the Deal. He is able to sit with a buyer and their representative and help them understand the rationale behind your value offering…and loves every minute of it. A friendly first impression, good listening, and really knowing what your buyer needs is key to selling a house – Karl does his homework and comes prepared. As laid back and friendly as he is, he doesn’t blink when it’s time to get you maximum value for your house. A satisfied client once called him a shark in a dolphin costume when it comes to negotiating, and the description stuck.

What Do You Get?

You can expect some good old-fashioned Dutch work ethic, timely response, creative advertising, genuine advice and your home sold for top dollar. And having some fun doing it.

Seller's Guide- Download Tips for selling a house