The West End is where development is the name of the game. Big box and big name developers have invested in the growth of these neighbourhoods, and new homes with modern features and excellent amenities close by are aplenty. Some of the city’s sought after schools, Power Glen & Grapeview, is where the west enders in the Vansickle and Martindale areas get to send their kids. And if you’re thinking private, Ridley College  is in your neck of the woods. This is where the rest of the city commutes to have their kids involved in sports with the 4-pad hockey arena, skate park and football fields located just around the corner. Buckle up for the two-minute drive to grab a local bottle for libations at dinner, and grab some fresh produce from the local farm on your way back. It is the simple pleasures that are making the West End a destination for those who like to do! Beyond all of this is the brand new hospital facility. We are talking 1 Million Square Feet of Care that features world-class health care and a cancer institute. So, when can you move in?

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