Full of heritage and history, Merritton is often referred to as the “heart” in the Garden City. The annual parade demonstrates the pride of community that shines, with residents puffing out their chests with Merritton pride. An annexed community in the 1960’s, this area of town is filled with people who love where they call home. From the original Canal that passed through to the 4th Canal of today, this township has a blend of neighborhoods from its wonderful infill communities near the City Museum and trail that carries from lake to lake, to the family friendly homes in Secord Woods. The main drag (Hartzel Road) and its latest conversion of bike lanes and hundreds of planted trees is the latest example of a major facelift that is currently underway as part of the reclamation projects. Buildings have been converted to boutique hotels, banquet halls, and restaurants. Much love Merritton.

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