The Garden City is just that, with beautiful parklands throughout and diversity in community styles as you cross the cityscape. Founded on a major shipping route (Seaway), this city has enjoyed a rich history, with a future that has never been brighter. A New Hospital, a heath bioscience lab, The four theatre Performing Art Centre, a competitive swim pool and library, four new condominium developments on the rise, a new hydro plant on the horizon… the list goes on. This has created a wonderfully diverse architectural landscape from old historical homes from the Arts and Crafts movement in the Downtown, to the Usonian designs of the 1950’s in Old Glenridge. Suburban ranch or Sustainable living; St. Catharines really does have it all. This is a city with a commitment to the quality of life for its residents, and with attractive home values and pride in community you will certainly find the right neighbourhood to invest in. The largest and “Smart Growth” city in the Niagara Region, you can be certain that there is much to take advantage of.

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