Queenston sits on the back of the Niagara River overlooking the town of Lewiston NY, and is on the history-laden grounds of the War of 1812. You can own a piece of the battle that makes Canada the true north strong and free, all with the charm and beauty of this picturesque town. These preserved homes would make Laura Secord proud – they are centuries old, with shades of new development respecting the past. Queenston is filled with exquisite reasons to make this your new neck of the woods. Jump on your bike or put the soft top down, because the Parkway is minutes away and has Sir Winston Churchill’s approval as “the prettiest Sunday drive in the world”. We agree, and it has only gotten better with the wineries, farmers’ markets and striking estates that line the famous strip and river to ensure that your experience is a decadent one.

Queenston and the Parkway Gallery

Queenston and the Parkway Stores

Queenston and the Parkway Schools