Grimsby has a unique vibe with proximity to the water, a decadent downtown core and local produce and bakeries to keep your cravings at bay. (Local tip: the Beamsville Bakery  doughnuts are not only the best you’ll ever have, but a must add to your bucket list… oh man!)

The thriving agriculture means good eats for the locals, and if you don’t feel like kicking it in the kitchen, hit the local dining spots – you’ll like what you find.

Home styles range from beautiful old Victorian homes that feature architectural whimsy, brand new developments that hit the mark on modern urban living and of course the legendary 1860s Cottage Row on the beach. This is the ideal location for the commuter with excellent access to the QEW. It’s also an awesome spot for those with an active lifestyle, as the Bruce Trail runs through middle of town with amazing hiking opportunities, or the agri-dreamer who wants a property nestled among the tender fruit trees and picturesque grape vines.

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