We are changing the expectation of real estate agents in Niagara. A great real estate agent does more than sell houses; they provide you with savvy marketing, expert local knowledge, confident negotiating and polished execution.

As a client, you are our priority. And, as your REALTORS®, we are sure our easy communication style and outgoing vibes will make us fast friends. Trust our experience and benefit from our expertise in Niagara real estate and our meaningful connections in and around the region.

When you hire Karl Vanderkuip, you receive the professional edge that is setting a new standard in real estate sales and marketing in Niagara. We bring people to your property by celebrating its lifestyle and showcasing its merits, not only to sell the home but to find the perfect owner.


Who is Karl Vanderkuip?

After a couple of years spent drifting – nay, ‘traveling’ – around the globe, Karl Vanderkuip became a real estate agent in 2004, channeling a lifelong love of design and architecture into not only a career but also what he believes to be his calling.

Ten years later, Karl’s passion for the industry is stronger than ever, fuelled by his natural ability to build solid relationships and a penchant for finding new ways to push the envelope.

With a combination of monk-like patience (likely from all the yoga) and quick wit (at least he thinks so), Karl instills a contagious sense of comfort and confidence that is an essential part of both the buying and selling process.

What sets Karl apart?

Karl breaks the mold of your typical realtor, and he isn’t afraid to admit it. He runs a personality-driven real estate company and prides himself on servicing the entire spectrum of the market.

Though you won’t see him cruising around town in a tricked-out convertible, if you hang out around Montebello Park long enough you will see him effortlessly breeze by on his longboard, coconut water in hand. This hip and progressive style is indicative of the non-traditional approach Karl applies to what is still largely a traditional industry.

With a deft mix of innovative and integrated marketing strategies, along with an unmatched, old-school sense of customer service, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another realtor in Niagara that gets a bigger thrill out of finding you a new place to live – or helping you get top dollar when selling your home. You’re also not going to find a more skilled negotiator or someone who can instinctively navigate through even the most arduous real estate transactions like Karl can.

The CallKarl Approach

Over the past decade Karl’s business has grown through referrals and repeat clientele, largely because he takes the time to understand exactly what makes his clients tick – a key element in helping you determine where, and more importantly how, you want to live. This philosophy of real estate is more art than science, and it has proven to be an effective approach to achieve clients’ goals and consistently exceeding their expectations.

Stemming from deep roots in Niagara’s business and social networks, Karl’s local market knowledge and in-depth understanding of his community are second to none. From neighbourhood to neighbourhood, Karl knows the critical factors that move beyond the stats included on an MLS listing: the schools, the people, the local hotspots, the lifestyle – all of the vital details that have the power to tip the scales when deciding where you want to hang your hat, and more importantly, where you want to live your life.

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