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When it comes to selling your Niagara home, there are a number of things you probably already think you know that are essential in getting exposure in the Niagara real estate marketplace and getting potential buyers through the door: MLS listings, open houses, and a real estate agent who can make it all happen.

And while I can’t deny that the traditional tactics do drive interest, there are some things that, if you ask me, are the pieces of the puzzle that put that sold sign in your front yard. So, I’m giving you a glimpse inside my strategies so that you can better understand why I do what I do and why it matters when you put your home on the market.

Today I’m talking Social Media

When it comes to buying homes in Niagara, people are looking everywhere these days. And as social media has quickly become the norm, people are using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram in more constructive ways — they are no longer just a way to reconnect with old friends from the past. I have been active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram for years, and make an effort to stay relevant on my business pages. It’s not just a space to advertise Niagara listings, but also a place for me to connect with my community, share my thoughts and celebrate Niagara.

Realtors, homeowners and homebuyers are turning to social media to buy and sell Niagara homes to expose their listings to new audiences or find properties they might not have seen through traditional listing strategies. So, being the forward thinker that I am, I am embracing social media and the power it has in selling Niagara homes! 

More than just a listing

Obviously, I know and appreciate the power of a well-written listing found on MLS.ca and your listing agent’s website. It’s a practice I embrace. But sometimes, it takes more than just a few listings on the regular websites and physical advertising to get noticed by the right buyer. When you’re selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle and with the power of social media, we can hone in on the buyer who has the interests that your property plays to.

More exposure with Likes and Shares

Everyone loves being the one who gave a great tip and social media makes sharing tips easy with Likes, Shares and Comments. Let’s say someone is looking for their dream home in St. Catharines, but hasn’t quite found what they are looking for. Then, their cousin, who knows they are looking, comes across a listing on Facebook. They can share it to their wall or tag them in a comment to make sure they see it.

Posting to social media also makes it easier for home sellers to share their own listing. Just a quick click and everyone on their friends list can see it. And with every like or share from their own friends comes exponential growth in views!

The power of the hashtag

Social search is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds and has become even easier with the use of hashtags. What once started as a Twitter-specific action, hashtags have taken social media by storm, allowing users to look for specific keywords. By using hashtags about specific neighbourhoods, cities, and selling features, we can reach out to a number of people who are looking to buy a home just like the one you’re selling.

Show off your property

Social media is a very visual space, which is a great tool to sell your home, which is a very visual process. Buyers want to know what they are getting into before they walk through the door. Facebook and Instagram allow you to showcase beautiful images and video to showcase why your listing is the best home to meet your potential buyer’s needs. And once they get a taste with photos and a virtual tour via video, they’ll be jumping at the chance for a walk-through to see it in person!

Of course, social media isn’t the only strategy. Stay tuned to find out more about why I do what I do to help sell your Niagara home quickly.

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