Port Dalhousie Solutions don’t have to be Quick, but they can be Easy!

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Port Dalhousie

Well, Port Dalhousie is making headlines again! Last week, we finally got the estimate for the Port Pier repairs…anywhere from $23 million to $32.6 million! What poppycock! That is crazy, we can do much better than this! Why rebuild? Lets build new. For that money, we can do something world class.

The community needs to come together

Rick Dykstra told us on Friday that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans currently own the piers, built 145 years ago, but they no longer have any use for them. Well, we do and the DFO knows that removing them is not an option for the community.

While the federal government will pay to make the Port Dalhousie piers safe, they want someone else to take them over afterwards. So, why repair them to DFO specs? They should be renovated to suit the community! There are quite a few local businesses who have come UP big for the community in the past (Rankin Construction, for example). I’m sure someone is waiting for the call!

My two cents

Let’s widen the pier, light it up and make it great! Take down the old pier, build up a new wharf leading to the iconic lighthouse and really accentuate Port’s history!

Let’s address one of the biggest issues and add a pedestrian bridge connecting one side to the other!

We already have the carousel — let’s add a Ferris wheel and play up the memories of  the Port Dalhousie midway of days gone past!

And if it’s going private, let’s find a company that understands that this is where St. Catharines tourism lives! Add some binoculars to view the ships on the water and the other side of the lake and encourage family picnics with the coin-operated commercial grade propane grills that are popular in Australia.

There are so many things that could bring Port back to life. Let’s make it better than ever!

In other news…

And speaking of Port Dalhousie, I recently told you all about the Port Dalhousie Beautification and Works Committee. Exciting news! Their proposal to upgrade the entrance to the grandstand was approved! Way to go guys!

Thanks to Rick Dykstra, new federal funding the gateway to our top-flight rowing facility is about to get a $250,000 facelift! I can’t wait to see it completed!

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