New real estate development coming to Walker’s Creek

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Parnell Road Executive Towhomes site

Site of new executive townhomes coming to Parnell Road

 With spring right around the corner, get ready to see new real estate developments start popping up all over the Niagara region. And with such limited space for new builds in our communities, I’m not surprised that we’re starting to see more and more infilling in our neighbourhoods.


Executive townhouses on Parnell Road

One these infilling projects is happening in my own backyard — Walker’s Creek is going to have some brand new neighbours. The old white farmhouse property at the entrance of Walker’s Creek Park (the old Novak home, for those in the know) has been staked, severed and divided for 10 executive bungalow townhomes, set for development this spring. Premier Building Group is the new owner of this property, so I think we can expect to see a development that is perfect for down-sizers, empty nesters and retirees — similar to what you’ll find at the beginning of Parnell Road.


What exactly is infilling?

Basically, infilling is when when a real estate development is built on an older lot and the old structure is removed, filling the space with something new. We’re seeing more and more infilling in places like North end St. Catharines, as older homes are being purchased, torn down and replaced with new, more modern homes. It’s just the reality of being in a landlocked city like St. Catharines – because we are surrounded by a farmland that is protected by the greenbelt legislation, we are running out of room to grow.

And with the need for more homes in our ever-growing Niagara neighbourhoods, it’s getting pretty common to see one property being severed into several, which is what we’re seeing happen on Parnell Road. I can’t say I blame them for wanting to get more people into Walker’s Creek — I may be a bit biased, but I think it’s the place to be! Maybe the best kept secret in Niagara!


Some examples of infill real estate in St. Catharines

If you drive around the city regularly, you have definitely passed by a number of infilling projects that are in various stages of development. You might not notice it now, but in a few months, that old farmhouse with a lot of acreage is going to be gone, replaced by a handful of new homes. Some places to watch:

129 Lakeshore Rd., St. Catharines

Located near the corner of Lakeshore Road and Geneva Street, 129 Lakeshore Road is currently a sprawling bungalow sitting on 2 acres. That’s a lot of property! Blue Spruce Construction has purchased the property and executive bungalows are slated to be built, which means more homes just a short walk from Lake Ontario!

The Neighbourhood of Broadway Gardens

Grey Forest Homes has built the most recent example of infilling in the north end of St. Catharines — The Neighbourhood of Broadway Gardens. Built on the old Broadway Garden Centre in Port Weller East, this mix of detached and semi-detached homes range from two bedroom bungalows to four bedroom, two storey homes. People are loving these homes — there are only 14 lots left! It’s the perfect new neighbourhood for families with Lake Ontario, the Welland Canal, Jones Beach and a number of walking trails steps from your front door.


Why does it matter?

Infill homes, especially modern, executive townhomes like these, can bring up the real estate value of the area because they are new and raise the average selling price in the neighbourhood. They also often brighten up an older neighbourhood with something flashy and modern, usually replacing homes that may have seen better days.

For me personally, this means new neighbours and I love seeing new faces when I’m out enjoying what my north-end St. Catharines neighbourhood has to offer. I know not everyone is a huge fan of infilling when it’s taking place down the street, but look at the bright side! It can be pretty fun to watch a development go up right before your eyes, plus once it’s done you’ll have new neighbours who will love your community as much as you do!

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